My Bump Turned Me Into A Bro

Lately when I get home from the gym, I take off my shirt and stand in front of the mirror like a meathead.

I even take pictures! I get every angle, multiple times, and almost text them to people before the better part of me realizes that is not a thing I will want to have done.

I can’t exactly pinpoint my motivation. Maybe shock or awe? Maybe I am simply still looking for evidence, photographic proof that this is impressive midsection is really mine. What I know is that I certainly did not take sports bra selfies when my stomach was flat. What I did not expect was to like my body more now than then.

It’s such a complicated relationship, this one with my body, but I have been a girl long enough to know not to take this feeling for granted. The plain truth is I like my body right now. It took a lot of work to look like this.

And so night after night I pull off my tank and try different angles and take mirror selfies like the bro I now am.