Apologies To Mother Earth

I feel sad this Earth Day to realize how much landfill space my infertility has taken up.

So many syringes and needles, the sharps containers I have to throw them all away in, not to mention the pill bottles or the plastic bubble wrap in the much-too-big cardboard box that doesn’t fit in our recycling bin. I’ve found myself wishing for a more sustainable option, and yet can see that when it comes to needles, recycling is not exactly advisable.

It simply seems wrong that my journey to become a mother should come at the detriment of Mother Earth, does it not?

I’ve wondered whether there is some more eco-friendly version of infertility treatment. What is the Diva Cup of the barren? I didn’t even look into whether such an option existed, I suppose because I did not anticipate so many needles. Bags and bags and bags of them, even though I tell the pharmacy each time to hold the syringes! I don’t know what I will do with them when it’s all done. Can you not even recycle unused syringes?

For now, I offer a sincere apology to Mother Earth: I did not know my quest would jeopardize yours. I promise my kids will recycle.