The Days Are Accomplished

It is odd timing, but we’re reading about pregnant Mary in church this week. Every time I read her story, I always stick on that phrase: “the days were accomplished.” I’m sure this wording is merely a product of many translations, but it always makes me laugh a little, because it seems like the opposite of “time flies.”

I like imagining Mary dictating the passage, riding on her awful donkey through hot dusty streets. I like imagining her refusing to write how everything was great! Or that things were moving right along! “The days were accomplished” sounds as though she felt the full measure of every tedious minute. I like imagining that she wanted us to know it.

Without presuming to equate myself with the Mother of God, I do relate to this tedious passage of time. Because there is no fast-forwarding my fertility journey. Sure, I can decide whether to do more treatments or not. I can do things, or not, that may someday result in pregnancy. But the time will not fly.

The tests will be taken. The cycles will come to pass. The days will be accomplished, and I will feel the full measure of every one.

Side-eye Mary is my favorite Mary.

Side-eye Mary is my favorite Mary.