Oh Lord, Is It The Demon Child Who Yells?

There is a kid in the neighborhood who yells. I don't mean endearing, youthful shouts of joy. I mean the bloodcurdling howls of a demon who found its way to earth.

The yelling persists daily from 2-5 PM. Sometimes it is accompanied by the sounds of a Big Wheels on pavement. Sometimes it is almost drowned out by the shouts of the other children he plays with. But always, he yells.

He yells so constantly and ferociously that I very quickly decided I did not like this child, and I don't feel bad about that because some of us work from home and it is difficult to focus when there is a demon child yelling right outside your door. I finally got a visual on which kid he was and didn't even really feel bad disliking him to his face.

But then the other day I was walking out to my car and there he was yelling his guts off and my heart sort of softened and it hit me - is he my final test? Is the universe waiting to see whether I can open my heart to the demon child who yells before it will bless me with one of my own?