Trouble In Paradise

I spent the last week in Kauai with my family and can (unsurprisingly) report that it was 98% woe-free. Mostly it was a reminder of how beautiful the earth is and how lucky I am to be such good friends with my people. 

The smidgeon of woe came in those moments where I realized I am still the youngest, and in spite of myself I'll always act just a bit like a fifteen-year-old around my family. It's funny because every time I'm about to see them, I'll tell myself this is the time I will behave like the adult that I am! Every time, I leave having confirmed that I'll always be the baby.

I will say that on this trip I started to wonder whether maybe my oldest sister is annoyed to still feel responsible for us, and maybe my older brother gets tired of being the middle child. On this trip I started to appreciate the slow evolution of children becoming adults, siblings becoming friends, the mess of so many people trying to exist as part of one thing. I think maybe it's impossible to detangle a family. I think I will let go of this woe.

Na Pali Coast